Patriotism means to stand by country|American patriotism essay


    Patriotism has been a big part of American society for as long as we have been around. So the question arises is Patriotism means to stand by country or many, patriotism is a massive part of American lives, and they very much want people to have respect for our country. Recently there has been much controversy about kneeling during the national anthem at football games. 
    Patriotism means to stand by country
    Patriotism means to stand by country

    Patriotism means to stand by the country is this true

    All the uproar started at the beginning of the 2016 NFL season when Colin Kaepernick took a knee for the national anthem. In the season following, countless other players have followed his lead. Although many people think that kneeling is disrespectful, there is a reason people are kneeling that many refuse to see. The racial inequality in this country has been going on for too long. NFL players are bringing some needed attention to the subject, and it is good if our country wants to go in the right direction.

     Although the racism in our country has significantly decreased in the past five decades, there is still so much racism in our country. It affects so many people and so many homes terrifyingly. The NFL players are kneeling to bring happiness to more American lives, truly define the quote Patriotism means to stand by the country.

    As I mentioned, the NFL players are kneeling for a good cause. A great cause in fact. A cause that has plagued the world for all of history; racial inequality. There are countless stories about families being decimated because of police violence against people of colour. For example, 12-year-old Tamir Rice had been playing with a pellet gun in the park. Some old white lady called the cops, and the police pulled up and shot him. He’s dead now. He was 12 when  Colin Kaepernick is kneeling for. He’s kneeling so that no more Tamir Rice’s are shot. His mother spoke out on the two year anniversary of his death.

    These two years overall felt like hell and many sleepless nights, when I close my eyes to try to get some rest all I can see is my son getting shot. Our tax dollars are paying these killer pigs [police officers]." Nobody should have to go through that, so the NFL players are taking a stand so that nobody else has to, truly defining Patriotism means to stand by the country.

    Another good thing about this protest is that it’s peaceful. This year, there have been many violent protests involving hate speech and fire. What football players are doing is the opposite. They aren’t using hate speech or violence. They are just sitting on their knee. In the past, this sort of peaceful protest has worked. One tremendous example of this is the March on Washington with Martin Luther King Jr. Thousands of Americans marched in Washington D.C. to protest inequality. On that same day, Martin Luther King Jr. gave the famous speech “I Have a Dream,” that inspired so many people around the world. In his speech, he says, This statement was true when MLK said it, and it is true today. It’s been true for far too long. Nobody else is going to fight, why shouldn’t the players?

    Although kneeling might seem like the best option for people, and it might not seem respectful, it is entirely legal.


    Our U.S. Constitution gives people to right to free speech, and nothing can change that. The players can be advised not to do it, but they can’t be legally penalized. People have done much more crude and racist protests in the past, and haven’t been punished or arrested. So why should people be calling out the players?

    Overall, kneeling is just a simple way to convey that there are problems with our country. The United States of America was based on the foundation that you can criticize the government. If we penalize people who use that right as an American, we are going against one of the fundamental laws in our country. To say kneeling for the anthem is not patriotic or unconstitutional makes you unpatriotic and undemocratic. Instead of complaining about people kneeling, we could assist with the problems they are kneeling for. When we solve them, they'll stop. But until then, the NFL players should keep kneeling for the national anthem.

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