10 Reasons to read really good books for 7th graders,teenagers in 2020


Good books are storehouses of human knowledge and wisdom. What is the key? Merely the ability to read. He who can read can store his mind with the excellent thoughts of the good thinkers of the planet.

     good books for 7th graders
     good books for 7th graders

    Why to Read good books

    The man who never opens a book has a comparatively empty mind. He, no doubt, learns something from his own experience and others; but to what humanity has learnt and thought and done, his mind may be a blank—however, he who reads widely and judiciously features a full mind. "Reading makes a full man."

    By "Speaking," Bacon means discussion, debate. To be an honest debater, one must have a fast and prepared mind. He must be ready to see some extent quickly, to think quickly, and to possess a fast reply to arguments ready. Taking an active part during a keen debating society gives one valuable practice in this; for one has got to be alert and prepared for all, which will be said on a given subject. So, "Speaking makes a ready man."

    By "writing", here, Bacon doesn't mean writing books or practice in composition. It does not always know trust entirely to memory, especially when exact words and figures are essential.

    We may remember something during a general way; but, unless we've made a note of the small print, we could also be at a loss in speaking or discussion. Vague statements and mere generalizations will not always serve the purpose. Our knowledge must be accurate and exact. Make written notes of what you read; for this type of "writ ing makes an exact man."

    Bacon's words should be taken to heart by young men who want to become public speakers. For an orator must have a full mind, readiness of speech, and accurate and exact knowledge of his subject.

    Some Reasons to read good books for 7th graders

    1. The reading, which is done in schools, colleges, or professional institutions, is only the basic one; that is why they show and guide what and where to look. For example, we can look at some of the specialists like doctors, lawyers, or engineers, who cannot be content with what they have studied in their colleges. Unless, on the opposite hand, if they're going not to study professional publications later, they can't be up so far and utilize their skills and diligence.
    2. For pleasure and time-pass, we all read tons in our maternal language and other languages also. It is genuinely conducted that the companionship of books is the best one could look for, and one should have a habit of reading. The reading may be light as a weekend magazine, or it may be a masterpiece that gives you satisfaction and mode of relaxation.
    3. A person should read materials about his/her profession or personal interest, and simultaneously he/she may also read books on other areas for fun, entertainment and to enjoy. Though everyone should read books on different interests and surely reading will make a full or an all-rounder person. Such people of extensive knowledge are beneficial, attractive, optimistic, and full of life.
    4. It has been assumed that reading the works, thoughts, and ideas of others allows us to reflect on our internal belief structure and will-power. It allows us to restructure and reshape our thoughts and progressive ideas and can be present in the form of writing and sharing with all others. It is observed that reading improves literacy and communication gap, which makes a person more intelligent, confident, and allows for the better public presentation of own-self.
    5. To be a citizen of the planet, it involves a broader outlook, deep understanding, and a real appreciation of other cultures. If we analyze and study their lives, we could see how their education interactions with others and writings have made them real and deserving citizens of the planet. Therefore, reading and writing play the most significant role in our life. A person reads for pleasure, for understanding, or for improving his/her stock of data.
    6. Thus one is often quickly a Malaysian, an American than on. Nevertheless, to be a citizen of the planet, it involves a way broader outlook, deep understanding, and a profound appreciation of other cultures. Very few people could claim to be a citizen of the planet. However, there have been, and there are people who have reached that height. If we analyze and study their lives, we could see how their education, interactions with others, and writings have made them citizens of the planet. So allow us to see the role of reading, interactions, and writing within the structure of the citizen of the planet.
    7. What we read within the school or college or professional institutions is merely the start and that they show and guide what and where to seem for. For example, specialists like doctors, lawyers, or engineers can't be content with what they need to study in their colleges. Unless they study professional publications later, they can't be up so far. For pleasure, we read tons in our maternal language and other languages also. The companionship of books is that the best that one could search for. Books may please you but never offend you. The reading could also be light as a weekend magazine, or it's going to be a masterpiece. One may read materials concerning his profession or personal interest; he can also read books on other areas for fun. Thus one may read books on dozens of various interests, and this reading surely goes to form him a full or an all-round man. Such people of extensive knowledge are beneficial.
    8. To be an honest conversationalist, one requires certain qualities. One must be an honest mixer; in other words, one should wish to socialize and have the gift of the gab. He must be an honest conversationalist and listener and must not ever be offensive or must not wound the emotions of the opposite. At a better level, when a person meets others in the conference, he learns tons from them. To be a hit at a Speaking, one must have the power to place forth his arguments forcibly and logically and convincingly. He must have the patience to listen to the opposite man. He must grasp the opposite man's point of view quickly and reply. It makes one a ready man.
    9. Let us come to writing; we write once we cannot directly converse or ask. In writing, words are recorded, and once the writing goes out of one's hand and reaches the opposite person, it becomes a record. The right word within the right place shows the depth of data of the author and his penmanship. Whatever is written, the flow of words shows the person. You must write what you would like to precise in plain, simple language avoiding redundancy. In conversation, one could also be wandering; digressions are permissible, but in writing, each word or sentence must take you forward. We can see this within the great essays of master writers. The power of the word has been proved within the great books of the planet. From the Bible to the Communist Manifesto, we find the effect of the written word. The compactness, the exactness, the sequence of logic, of these observe writing. 
    10. The more one writes, the more chastened he becomes just like the polishing of a jewel.

    So to be an honest citizen of the planet, one must read tons; one must learn from companions, and one must write. 

    CONCLUSION (as per my understandings)

    "Reading makes a full man" means a person who reads gains knowledge of the planet around him. Such a man, though he might not have the answers he seeks, a minimum of knows where to seem for them. "Speaking, a ready man" means a person who shares his knowledge with others and learns from them and is going to be ready for change. "Writing an exact man" means a person who can correctly write and convey his thoughts will show attention to detail. Sometimes life is about the details!

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