Top 10 wordpress themes for your online buiseness,Adsense,Ecommerce,Affiliate Marketing in 2020

Most people dream of being their boss and start a business where they are not answerable to anyone. But this dream is not easy to materialize.Therefore we have prepared a guide of  Top 10 wordpress themes for your online business, Adsense, Ecommerce, Affiliate  Marketing.Together with hard work, it requires decision-making skills, which will grow the business and make it reach heights of success. In the 21st century, things are different; technology is opening doors for small businesses. It is giving them access to virtual markets in the shape of websites and social media forums. Thus, anyone can open a business online with little experience in digital platforms. 

Undoubtfully, virtual presence needs a lot of attention, especially your website. You have to come up with a design and theme that is convenient for your customers. Display your business information and products with simple navigation tools, so that the users can contact you instantly. Likewise, you can build a flexible theme to make room for changes in the future.  

Choosing the right theme for your website is crucial to make it run smoothly. It enhances the functionality of your website, allowing it to outshine on the search engine results page. In short, the theme of your website holds a great deal, even for SEO rankings. 

best wordpress themes for your online business
best Wordpress themes for your online business 

    Following are the top ten WordPress themes for your online business:

    1.Grand Space

    These days, people are chasing after unique things. Likewise, freelancers, web designers, are also exploring exceptional themes that offer unique features. Grand space comes with distinct designs and multipurpose functions. You can design your pages with visual builders while customizing everything in real-time WordPress live customizer. It gives you access to 500+ fonts and premium plugins, allowing you to create a captivating website. Besides, if you are having trouble finding themes, or wish to explore more options, have the opportunity to search online to find an appropriate theme for your business’s website.


    People are impatient these days. They want instant responses while businesses are looking for immediate results. Picospace is an ultra-minimal, fast blazing, responsive, AMP friendly, and optimized search engine. As far as the functionality is concerned, it supports bbPress, Gravity Forms, and other e-commerce portals. Besides, it is licensed under GLPv3 that allows the theme to work out of the box language support, translation tools, and lifetime updates. 

    3.The Gem 

    Every business is not selling products; some online companies are offering services. Thus, they have to come up with a website pertinent to the nature of their business. ‘The gem’ enables you to promote your services by cultivating a friendly approach. It offers visual composer and layer slide plugins, making it suitable for every kind of business. It is up to you if you want to make it all breezy and fun or opt for a formal setting. This theme stands out for its delicate, yet a default look. 

    4.Moesia Pro

    Usually, it depends on the nature of businesses, which theme complements their design and logo. Skincare, clothing, and other beauty companies are looking for a striving and beautiful design for their website. Moesia pro takes the responsibility of providing users a remarkable experience to flaunt your business with style. It offers highly polished animations, number counters, graphs, engagingly displaying data. It distinguishes itself from others by integrating social networks to the website – Instagram, Facebook, and Flickr. 

    5.Nano space  

    It is more like a one for all theme since it caters to all sorts of businesses with versatile features. It is a multipurpose theme that also promotes functionality to build the most excellent website for your business. It is fully compatible with all page builders, giving you the freedom to build a website as per your preferences. You will come across initiative headers and footer visual builders. Moreover, the theme is bloat-free optimized for speed, eliminating the concerns of page loading speed. 

    6.Digital Pro

    Some experts believe ‘simplicity is the ultimate sophistication,’ and this is true in many regards. Even when picking a theme, the aim is to make your website look effortless, while having the power underneath. Digital Pro offers several layout options from the famous theme customizable panel. They have pages that make the best use of white space, making the content clean to read. You have the option to pick from different templates, something that goes along with your business niche. Thus, if you own a business with simple needs, this could be the perfect option. 

    7.Massive Dynamic 

    Every business wants to have a bright future, and this becomes possible when you target the right audience. Massive dynamic provides you with a website theme that would draw everyone’s attention. It comes with a chunky header, crispy typography, and screen sliders. It even promotes flexibility for online businesses to work with different tools. However, some people complain about the unsmooth scrolling function since its relatively slower, but other features make the theme competent.  

    8.Lead Engine 

    At the time of developing websites, every company has a different goal. Some want to create brand awareness, while others want a tool to generate leads. With the lead engine theme, you can achieve both goals. It focuses on tools to help you build an incredible impression on the audience, increasing clicks, and generating leads. The theme is diverse since it offers 35 site demos, numerous pre-built templates, and customization elements. So, if you are creating a landing page, storefront, crowdfunding site, you have a pre-built demo to take you through the entire procedure.  


    Technology is doing wonders for businesses and professional creatives and making the best use out of it. They are using technology to build easy-to-use tools for users while helping companies to develop a profitable website. In the unbound, you will find a plethora of themes, and most of them focus on freelancers, agencies, and creative niches. You can even create your layout through the builder plugin, allowing you to add and drop elements without any coding skills.  


    Everyone wants a website that speaks for itself. If you want to create a website that reflects your business goals, there is no better option than slack. These kinds of websites require a lot of flexibility since you have to keep customizing things. Slack incorporates a special-designed page builder that caters to the varying customization needs of the users. At the same time, it lets you build complex pages with 270 built-in modules and allows you to catch a glance at results instantly. Besides, if you want an incredible design, this theme offers a visual composer, giving you access to sliders, plugins, and other modern options.


    Believe it or not, but a stunning theme will help your online business grow and become profitable. Alongside a creative design, you need to pick a theme that offers simple navigation tools. Users should be able to find products which they are looking for and access your website with ease. After all, it is all about improving user experience and boosting conversions.

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